Monday, July 30, 2007

Garden Ponds, Aquatic Plants and Koi Fishes

  • What is the best place for a pond ?

It is advisabel to construct the pond as far as possible from the house. The ideal place would be one that has direct sunlight for just a few hours, being the rest covered by the trees. It must also be safe from winds. It's better if the water pond has no caduceus trees close, both for the auttum leaves that may fall into the pond as well as for the roots that could damage its structure.
  • The water pond should always have a fountain, it will look great !
  • To keep the children safe from falling into the pond there are special nets that surround the pond
  • How avoid algae in the water pond ?
Algae are sunlight lovers. Is the water pond is located in a place that is covered from the sun during the hottest hours of the day, that should be enough to protect it from algae.
Avoid organic waste in the water pond: take out the dead leaves, do not add compost, fertilizer or humus in the bottom of the pond, and do not feed the fishes excesively.
The currents produced by waterfall streams, fountains, water feeders, are really benefitial for the oxygen they provide. In case you do not have any of these, try using a high pressure hose into the pond (specially during summer)
Cultivate oxygenating plants: they take minerals from the decomposition of the organic matter, the CO2 from the fishes and they release oxygen to the water. The best plants are the Ceratophyllum y Elodea.
There are some anti-algae products that, when correctly employed, are not a problem for fishes and aquatic plants. The biggest algae must be taken out manually.
  • When the aquatic plants are too big for the water pond, they must be taken to a bigger one
  • Can we fertilize the aquatic plants ?
They can be fertilized, even though it's not essential. For these cases we used granulated fertilized of slow reaction, it must be covered with sand.
  • Water Pond Fishes
If you want to have fishes in the pond, this should be at least 60 centimeters deep, so the fishes can go down and up, according to the temperature
  • Koi Fishes
These fishes are very resillient. The water temperature is not really a problem for them, of course, it's always better if you have aquatic plants to protect them fomr direct sunlight.

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