Friday, July 20, 2007

Buying Healthy Plants

Hope these quick tips help you next time you buy a plant:

  1. Examine carefully their leaves and stems just to be sure they don't already carry any disease or plague: spotted leaves, or with holes, bear in mind that it you take a plant that is carrying a dicease, it will probably spread it to the rest of your plants in the garden
  2. Never take those plants with roots coming out of the pot drain holes, that is a very good sign that they have been waiting a pretty decent time waiting for someone to buy them
  3. The plant must have already grown roots. You can test it by slightly pulling the stem, it should stay in the ground. Many tree nurseries try to accelerate the growing process by putting the tree inside the post before it's ready
  4. Do not buy plants that have their sides asymmetrically developed
  5. The winter season is never a good time to buy indoor plants: the heating, a low humidity level and poor lightning a very different factors than those in the tree nursery. The sudden environment change could cause them damage to death
  6. Inspect leaves and stems to verify they don't have insects on them
  7. Take out the rootball to see if it keeps its shape, if it doesn't, then it hasn't grown roots
  8. The roots must be abundant and with a light color, when the roots are dark, it's a sign that they are rotten
  9. If the rootball it's excessively crowded with roots, don't buy, it's an old plant
  10. When it comes to flowering plants, always buy those which blooms are not opened
Follow these tips before buying a plant, you won't regret it.

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